ABOUT PrecisionVax

PrecisionVax publishes research-based vaccine news that is vetted for commercial bias, clinical relevance, and ‘main-street’ comprehension by doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.


PrecisionVax deploys an innovative crowd-sourced publishing model to create original content that is trustworthy, understandable, and actionable by both healthcare providers and patients.


PrecisionVax delivers these solutions:

  1. Publisher of trusted vaccine news

  2. Content-as-a-Service solutions

  3. Owns and operates a network of DTC vaccine websites


PrecisionVax is on a five-year journey to enable the delivery of DNA-based vaccines.


This journey has three goals:

  • Encourage doctors, nurses and pharmacists to reduce over-vaccinations.

  • Empower people with trustworthy information to make more informed vaccination decisions.

  • Establish a national provider network to deliver personalized vaccines that maximize immunization, and reduce overall healthcare costs.


PrecisionVax’s O&O website network includes several vaccine brands, such as:

  • PrecisionVaccinations.com

  • ZikaNews.com

  • Vax-Before-Travel.com

  • Vax-Before-Cancer.com

  • Vax-Before-College.com


The Future


Similar to the ‘Precision Medicine Initiative’, the PrecisionVaccination project is an innovative approach for disease prevention.


Gene-based vaccines that amplify immunity, have always been attractive to scientists and public health leaders.


PrecisionVax is focused on publishing vaccine information regarding how individual’s genes, their environment, and personal lifestyle impact their quality of health.


While some advances in research have been made, the clinical information systems are not currently in use for ‘main-street’ delivery of precision vaccines by doctors, nurses or pharmacists.


We will get there, soon!


Ownership Structure and Revenue Sources

As a woman-owned news organization, we are committed to transparency in our ownership structure and revenue sources.


We are a private company, founded in 2016.


We produce our revenues from advertising. Our dominate advertiser is Google Adsense.


As such, our editorial team has no relationship, nor communications, with any advertiser.


If you have any questions please contact Karen@PrecisionVax.com.