Where can you find trustworthy vaccine news? 


“Enhancing health literacy and building trust in digital news is critical for the public to discern what vaccination information to believe.”
“ Given today’s "fake news" debate, it is important for patients to rely on doctors, nurses, and pharmacists as trusted sources for immunization news, said Donald Hackett, publisher."
Mission Statement
Empower doctors, nurses, and pharmacists with information and applications to maximize each person's immunization, and reduce overall healthcare costs.
PrecisionVax LLC is an international digital news publisher focused on the vaccine industry.

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 Unique Publishing Goals 
  • Trusted - only licensed providers edit our content, delivering 100% transparency

  • Understandable - our clinical information is written with a positive voice, translated into "main street" conversation

  • Timely - breaking research is contextually integrated into the news as it is published;

  • Superior UX- each article is designed with uniform navigation, offering a consistent learning experience

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